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How do we do it?

Using a web-based platform, we can build a branded registration portal that bolts seamlessly behind the main conference website. If this specific event website is not already in existence, we can quote for the build and development of this separately.

The registration portal will mirror the look of the conference website and will allow attendees to book under their respective attendee type in minutes, with group bookings and special discounts being easily catered for.

There is a dedicated SPONEX section within each site which allows sponsors and exhibitors to register their company and all attending representatives, download relevant documentation regarding sponsorship packages and exhibitor information packs.

Can include on-line branded portal and booking form, payment processing, delegate communications, help-line, badge production and at-event registration desk set-up and staffing.

  • Payments - can be taken online (via PayPal Checkout or Stripe for total PCI compliance) or offline through bank transfers into a designated account (either a conference account opened by OD&V on your behalf or your own account). Invoices are automatically issued for each completed registration and sent as PDF copies to attendees via the confirmation email. Registration and payment reports can be provided at set intervals and upon request. 

    Incoming registrations are monitored daily and we provide a working-hours helpline for all registration and payment-related inquiries. The team can also support payment chasing if necessary.

  • Register a colleague – allows the first registrant to register a second/third etc. person before completing their registration and thus create a group booking and a group invoice (particularly useful if more than one attendee is expected from one organisation and the invoice is covered by the organisation).

  • Delegate E-shots – group e-shot emails can be sent out at any time to provide further information and directions; these can be sent to segmented lists or imported databases
  • Conference badges - event badges are printed directly from the registration system. These can be branded as much or as little as requested and can include a bar code, attendee type, or any other information associated with the attendee record. All our badges are double-sided, ‘butterfly’ stick-and-fold, made of fully recyclable card paper with one slot/hole for lanyards or swivel clip fixings. They measure 9.5cm wide by 8cm high and are displayed in clear plastic trays in alphabetic order by surname.

    We usually pre-print badges before the event but have the facility to amend or print extras on the day.

    Badges can be designed to incorporate functions such as gala dinners, paid-for workshops and social activities to help the organising committee to identify delegates for each session. We will usually colour code badges to differentiate between organising committee, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and delegates.

  • At event - set up and management of the registration desk area and provision of the experienced staff team. Pre-printed badges will be handed to delegates upon proof of registration (based on your requirements, this can be the confirmation email or the joining instructions email, proof of payment, or name-checking on the system/list). Our online registration system can be integrated with an app to check-in delegates upon arrival and for each session. This is useful data capture for post-event analysis.

    Provision of laptop/s and printer/s to amend and reprint badges on the spot – same look and quality as the pre-printed badges.


WebScanning – utilises hand-held bar code scanning devices to scan attendees in to the event or into any parallel sessions. The feature ensures accuracy of reporting and a clear overall picture of attendance patterns and popularity of sessions. WebScanning is an additional feature that will incur extra costs.
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