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Clients and Conference Organisers alike have been challenged and adapted to new ways of audience reach, engagement and interaction since the events industry was affected so extremely in 2020. The global pandemic quickly shut everything down and we looked to the world of virtual meetings and conferences.

By researching the various online solutions and virtual platforms, the team of project managers here at Opening Doors & Venues, are able to advise clients on the best virtual platform solution to suit bespoke client needs and ensure your conference, workshop, course, awards ceremony, seminars, panel discussions, clinical debates, poster sessions, sponsored symposia (you name it) look and feel that much better than a Zoom or Teams meeting gone wrong. 

Virtual and hybrid events have the all-inclusive added benefit of reaching a wider audience in a sustainable way, greatly increasing the number of people who can attend and extend their reach, especially for international meetings. Although many clients worry that virtual attendees may expect to attend without charge, virtual paid-for events are very much an attraction because they eliminate the additional costs of travel and accommodation.   

Events in the online world can be:

  • Fully virtual

    No physical filming or delivery element; all presentations, whether pre-recorded or live, are delivered in the virtual environment

  • Hybrid with virtual audience

    Physical ‘main stage’ studio environment is created (this can be in the venue of your choice) and host, keynote speakers and presenters travel to the venue to deliver the material from the physical venue; the content is then streamed via a virtual platform

  • Hybrid with physical and virtual audiences

    As with the other hybrid option, but the additional inclusion of a limited number of physical delegates (per government regulations and respecting social-distancing venue capacity); virtual audiences’ dialog is encouraged with physical audiences via virtual platforms and integrated apps

What does a Virtual or Hybrid Event consist of?

  • Safe and secure registration systems
  • Custom branded virtual platform solutions and technical support (via carefully selected third party supplier)
  • Virtual event logistics
  • Virtual event production by an experienced team
  • Content development and adaptation to a virtual environment
  • Presentation and recording support and guidance
  • Hands-on speaker management, briefing, green room environment pre live session
  • Commercial income generation
  • Virtual exhibition booths
  • Abstract management and E-poster display system
  • On-line networking solutions
  • Digital assets production
  • Digital marketing
  • On-demand access post-event
  • Track and measure virtual activity
  • Provide detailed metrics and insight into user behaviour, content preferences, and program impact
Opening Doors & Venues Virtual Event Case Study

WMS Virtual 2020

Opening Doors & Venues Virtual Event Case Study

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