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Having originally joined ABPCO as a student member and served her time as an associate, Madalina Marincas from Opening Doors & Venues has become ABPCO’s latest Full PCO member.  ABPCO caught up with her to learn more.

How were you introduced to ABPCO?

MM: “Whilst studying at university I met Rose Padmore of Opening Doors & Venues, who was a guest lecturer.  She inspired me to look beyond the mass-events, parties, festivals etc that the course focused on and to consider conferences and the association market instead.  One of my student friends had been working part-time for Opening Doors & Venues and an opportunity arose for me to take over from her.  Through Rose I was introduced to ABPCO and joined as a student member during my last couple of years at university – probably around 2011.”

What happened next?

MM: “Time moved on, opportunities developed and after graduation and some part time work, I joined Rose full time in 2014.  Rose continued to push me towards ABPCO and to make the most of it.  After my time as a student member I became an associate member - it opened my eyes to the world of the PCO and just how huge our part of the sector is.  ABPCO has introduced me to so many people.  I have learnt and developed professional relationships that go beyond a chat around a round table to working directly with fellow members.  I truly feel I am part of a community.”

At this point in the interview Rose interjected and offered some thoughts on why she proposed Madalina to move up to being a full PCO member.

RP: “Quite simply it is time – she IS a full PCO, running events in her own right, working as a professional, managing a wealth of clients and well deserving of being a full member.    She is at times unaware of just how good she is and how much value she adds to both the team and our client events.  A huge part of that is due to Madalina’s hard work but the support and learning via ABPCO have also helped develop her as an individual and allow her to expand far beyond just what she would learn from me.  She is the future of Opening Doors & Venues.”

So what now / next?

MM: “It has been a natural progression to being a full PCO so, to be honest the change hasn’t entirely sunk in.  However, my responsibility has grown and I am really excited for the future.  We are about to go through a brand refresh, demonstrate our hybrid event offering, celebrate our 21st anniversary and finally I am delighted to say that Rose has invited me to join the board as a director of Opening Doors & Venues.  Watch this space.”


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