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Founded in 2000 by Rose Padmore, Opening Doors & Venues had a very interesting beginning:

Once upon a time, Nursery Nurse turned fulltime sales, marketing and PR professional, Rose, who, since a child, had always been involved with amateur theatre, was at a stage in life when doing what she loved became the main motivational force in her life.

So something that had been an idea for many years became a reality when Rose decided to go for it - produce Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar in her local church that is!

All this was much to her husband’s great surprise especially as she gave notice to a fulltime job and moved to a more flexible temporary role to enable making her dream production a reality.

As you can imagine this endeavour was months in the planning and to be honest if Rose had known about some of the hurdles on the way she may not have proceeded but thankfully, that wasn’t the case. The initial task was to persuade and negotiate with community partners and individuals to get them on board followed by sourcing sponsorship and funding, finding a cast, appointing a complete production and operations team, identifying and cajoling volunteer musicians for the rock band, recruiting and inspiring a friendly carpenter to design and build a two tier stage that incorporated a mechanism to raise the full size cross… etc…etc.

In truth, a book could be written about this whole episode in the ‘life and times’ of Clent, Worcestershire, but the resulting production over 3 nights in November 2000 was more than Rose and the whole community had ever imagined and it is still spoken about to this day.

That same year, while planning JCSS 2000 as it came to be known, Rose was approached by a friend who was a development consultant to voluntary organisations in the Black Country about supporting him on a freelance project basis with the organisation of a 2-Day conference for Age Concern – entitled Building Bridges. The fact was that 6 weeks prior to the conference this friend would actually be going to America for 2 months and so following a brief introduction to the project, Rose was given the role of overall project manager – reporting to the CEO and working with a team of volunteers. The conference for 200 delegates, and which had involved arranging simultaneous interpretation in 5 languages amongst many other complexities, including a real fire alarm and the need to evacuate, was a great success and left Rose totally fired and wanting to do it all over again!

So, the year 2000 was when Opening Doors & Venues officially raised invoice Number 1 for the Age Concern Conference and since then there have been many more opportunities for Rose to demonstrate her dynamic, personable and tenacious approach to conference and event management whilst also sharing her passion for the events industry profession with colleagues, client teams and Event Managment degree students at University College Birmingham.

Who’d have thought, Rose would one day be on the Executive Board of ABPCO (Association of British Professional Conference Organisers) and then take on a two year role as Joint Chair?  Rose certainly never did but, I guess when you love what you do, they’re the sort of things that happen!  To be continued…


“…first class by any and every measure, and I couldn’t imagine organising a conference without them!"

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